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Quick view from the Republican Side

Rebecca Ugarte, 52, is a geography teacher and lives in Glendora, California. As an American citizen she chose to support the republican side. In this interview she will share her opinions about the elections and her politic view.

What do you think is the importance of voting?

Voting is not mandatory but a privilege and a responsibility.  If you do not vote you have no right to complain about how the government is run.  Voting makes it a government by the people and for the people

Why are you on the Republican side?

I am a Republican because republicans are more conservative and Democrats are more liberal.
Republicans want less government and Democrats seem to want more government intervention.
Republicans want less taxes and Democrats think that we need more taxes  to fund all the government programs that they  think are needed.
Republicans want less taxes so that businesses can thrive and people can take care of themselves and Democrats want the government to take care of them it seems.
The problem with that is that when someone takes care of you, you become lazy.
So unless they are handicapped in some way and cannot take care of themselves we are not doing them a favor to have the government take care of them.  We are crippling them

Many people complain about Obama and some aspects about his government such as increase of taxes. Do you agree wth the complaining, or do you think that is necessary when a country went through a crisis?

I did not vote for Obama because I do not agree with the things that he stands for.
He is for abortion.
It is legal in the United States even up to the last day before birth. I am against abortion and think that it is a terrible thing for our children to think that it is "ok" to have an abortion because the law says that it is "ok".
Obama thinks that he can help our economy by printing more money.  That's just stupid.
It has put us more into debt and hasn't helped a thing.  During hard times like this the government needs to balance their budgets (just like a family has to do at home).  Stop the giveaway programs that are not necessary and cripple our people by causing them to become lazy.  We need to cut taxes and strengthen our businesses.  Then when they thrive they give jobs to the rest of us.  The Democrats want to tax the rich more because they say that they can afford it.  That just doesn't make sense to me.  Who do they think give the jobs to the rest of us.  We need to help them to thrive so that we all have jobs.
I think that it is a wonderful thing that we have come so far in our acceptance of each other no matter what race you are so that a black man could become president of the United States.  But this man is not good for this country.  His ideas don't make sense.

Do you think that the Tea Party will influence the results in this elections?

Yes, I think that the Tea Party Movement will affect the election results.  People are tired of the same old thing whether you are a Republican or a Democrat.  And people want to see our country remain strong and stay with our Constitution and not move away from what it says.  The people in the Tea Party Movement are Constitutionalist and want to stay as close to the U.S. Constitution as possible.

Do you think it’s important to care and "keep an eye" in who’s being voted in other states too?

Yes, I think that it is important to watch other states and who is elected in those states too.  It matters in our Congress which political party is in control of the Senate and our House of Representatives.  So depending on  which political party you are a part of you want more people of that party elected. It's good to keep an eye on other states for their elected representatives but also for the different propositions that are being voted on in each state.
If one state votes something into law in that state it sometimes comes up for vote in another state after some years. 

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